Upcoming Minding Animals Conference in Mexico from January 17th-24th

The fourth Minding Animals Conference is happening this January in Ciudad de México from the 17th-24th. Minding Animals acts as a bridge between academia and advocacy and is a network of nearly 4,000 academics, activists and advocates, dedicated to the study and protection of all planetary life through the advancement of Animal Studies.

On the 18th, there will be the “Tom Regan Memorial Panel: His Life and Philosophy” to honor Tom’s work and life. CAF board members Mia MacDonald, Martin Rowe, Jo-Anne McArthur, Kim Stallwood, and Mylan Engel Jr., will all be at the conference. CAF grantee Carrie Packwood Freeman will a panelist on the 18th on “Animals and Food.” Radhika Subramaniam, a presenter at our 2017 Compassion Arts & Culture and Animals Festival, will be a panelist on the 22nd on “The Elephant.”