Support Artists and Scholars Working for Animals this #GivingTuesday

For three decades, CAF has provided artists and scholars with grants to help them advocate for animals and deepen our understanding of them. Grantees have painted, sung, sculpted, photographed, and performed plays about animals; they’ve researched, studied, and demonstrated for them. Please consider donating to CAF this #GivingTuesday to help us support these unique voices and our unique mission of appealing to individual intellect, creativity, and compassion, and building greater respect for animals.

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A few of our previous grantees. Learn more on our grantee page.


2017 CAF grantee Jane O’Hara writes: “I was incredibly fortunate to receive a CAF grant. It made possible something I never could have achieved without it, and that was to write, assemble, and publish Beasts of Burden the Book, which catalogs the fourteen artists of the exhibit I curate, Beasts of Burden: Our Complex Relationship with Animals, and the story of how the show was formed.

“The support I received made me able to give people a way to take home what I feel is this exhibit’s important message: to show how completely entwined animals are with our lives. The artists, with their varying focuses, mediums, and styles, reach the hearts and minds of viewers at differing levels of consciousness or places on the path to awareness of animals’ place in contemporary society.

“Thank you again, CAF, for this major vote of confidence and financial support. It was a rewarding process and I am so happy with the results. It is an amazing and unique thing CAF does with this grant. The viewers and consumers of the art projects that are the result of the grants benefit profoundly. I agree with the concept of supporting the arts as a vehicle for social change and animal advocacy and CAF’s belief in this is a huge service to our world, needing to open to compassion.”