New Film From 2020 Grantees Just Wondering

2020 grantees Just Wondering recently released a short animated film that explores different ideas of justice through anti-speciesist lenses. The film engages with ideas taken from environmental justice, political ecology, political philosophy, posthumanism, and anti-speciesist thought. Its main aim is to seek out possibilities of making climate justice with other animals.

The search for justice is not an individual endeavor, it is a collective practice of world-making. Haunted by past extinctions, a human being starts wondering what climate justice might look like, what its faces may be, when other beings are involved in the questioning. A cat, and many other non-human animals become present and part of the process, sharing their experiences, and moving together towards multispecies justice. The questions the film poses are as real as you (or me) are.

Just Wondering is a collective influenced by object oriented ontology, intersectional veganism and eco-feminism. They seek to pose questions more than answer them, and they do so from a standpoint critical of anthropocentrism and of the drive for perpetual economic growth.

You can learn more about Just Wondering and watch the film here.