Linda Brant’s Monument To Animals We Do Not Mourn to be Unveiled in the Spring

2015 and 2016 grantee, Linda Brant, has been working on her project, To Animals We Do Not Mourn. This monument is dedicated to animals such as cattle and other animals used for food and other purposes. The monument was installed in Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York at the end of October. There will be an official unveiling cemetery in the spring. Linda is considering making more monuments for other animals.

The grants that Linda received were some of the last ones that Tom Regan had a hand in deciding on. CAF saw the importance of Linda’s work and committed to supporting her work throughout the years. She gave us updates as she completed this project and it we enjoyed following along.

We will share further details about the unveiling when we have them and encourage people to visit the cemetery and reflect on the animals we do not mourn.