Zipporah Weisberg


Zipporah Weisberg is a researcher who received a grant for “Animal Agency in Animal Sanctuaries.” She is looking to explore how animal sanctuaries can serve as sites of wider social and political transformation if (re)framed as interspecies communities in which animal agency is actively cultivated. She will explore the myriad of ways animals already practice agency in order to maximize their opportunities for individual and mutual flourishing within the spatial, temporal, and relational freedoms and constraints under which they live, how they enact agency to contest and/or redraw those limits, and how they play an active role in shaping the norms themselves. She writes:

My hope is that by conducting this research into animal agency, I can offer meaningful insight into how sanctuaries can be (re)structured to form interspecies communities—in which other animals are regarded as active co-participants in the community and not simply recipients of care—and can thereby have a much greater role in advancing the wider animal liberation project than they currently have as oases of safety and protection for abused animals.