Yuan-Chih Lung


Yuan-Chih Lung is a policy researcher at ACTAsia. She received a grant for Animal Peptalk, a podcast targeted at a young Chinese audience that will help present information on animals and animal advocacy that includes local perspectives instead of having a Western influence. She’ll co-host it with Beck Peng and Kuan-Wei Wu. The podcast will invite relevant experts, NGOs, and activists to have in-depth discussions concerning animal-related hot topics and disputes, local and global animal issues, international animal advocacy and cultural relativism. She writes:

Animals are in a position of indifference in the Chinese community and there is no law of animal welfare in China now. Thus, there is a great need to promote animal advocacy in a novel way in line with people’s “Right to Know,” the interests of animals, and the need for sustainable social development.

2020 Update:
Yuan-Chih and her team at Animal Peptalk have managed to complete their initial goals of recording 10 episodes of their podcast, and sharing animal advocacy across Asia. Their episodes explored topics like the psychology of animal advocates, the representation of animals in Hollywood, and the role China should play in the climate crisis. They have invited multiple experts to speak on their podcasts, and also have been invited to speak as experts at conferences across Asia. They have also spent their time collaborating with Wonder Films to create 7 short films. Their content can be viewed on Facebook, Youtube, and on popular Chinese video platform bilibili.

Since then, they have continued to create content and speaking about animal advocacy in Asia, and particularly in the context of COVID-19, have written articles and created short videos about the next steps for Asia and their animals.

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