Tracy Basile


Tracy Basile is a writer and professor who received a grant to write a nonfiction book for young adults called “The Animal Peoples’ History of the United States.” The book would place the human-animal relationship in context of American history and take the perspective of the animals, as much as humanly possible, while conveying to young adults the history, natural science and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge of native and domesticated species. She writes:

The young adult (YA) readers that are my targeted population will be tomorrow’s professionals. The book I am writing fills a gap in their education right now. To honor these animals the next generation—Generation Green New Deal (GND)—needs to hear these stories and understand their significance. Generation GND is already bent on turning around climate change, slowing down species extinction and preserving what we have left of land and water and air for all living beings. The world they seek is a world of justice where movements merge and everyone is equal. This book will inspire them.