Siobhan O’Sullivan

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Siobhan O’Sullivan is an Australian political scientist and theorist and teaches at the University of New South Wales. She received a grant to establish the pro-animal podcasting network, iROAR, a network for podcasts that carry a strongly pro-animal, animal protection message. The Network will make it easier for podcast listeners to find and enjoy animal-protection podcasts. The Network will also support podcasters and help them more effectively spread an animal protection message. She writes:

Podcasting is an accessible broadcast medium, requiring only Internet access and a smart phone, to create a basic podcast. As such, podcasting is the ideal means by which to provide a voice to a wide variety of animal advocates, vegans, Animal Studies scholars, and more. We will aim for a diverse network—including podcasts by young people, people of color, people on low incomes, and more. The only limitation will be that they must be strongly in favor of advancing the wellbeing of nonhuman animals.