Silvina Pezzetta

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Silvina Pezzetta is an Argentine legal scholar who received a grant to produce academic yet accessible material for professionals from different fields working with non-human animals. Titled “Who is entitled to speak for non-human animals?” she hopes to illuminate key aspects of human-animal relations, from a rights-based point of view, to improve the argumentation over the non- human animal representation dispute in contested situations. She writes:

The animal turn in Argentina is now visible and growing rapidly. But judges, veterinarians, biologists, and decision-makers do not always understand what an animal rights-based position means. Therefore, disputes around who is entitled to speak for the animals appear every time there is a case that involves them. By generating academic material about key concepts, this project will seek to improve the understanding of animal rights.

2020 Updates:
Since receiving the CAF grant in 2019, Silvina has managed to successfully complete the webpage – you can find the website here. On the website she has denoted all the planned interviews and all the information that is proposed to be included on the web page. While she had to delay her initial plans to present her webpage in two in-person presentations (one at the UBA Law School, and another at the UBA Veterinary School), she hopes to be able to enact her initial plans again soon. Additionally, working on this project has inspired her to create a written version of the topics, and hopes to have a book ready that is beyond the scope of the project in 2021.