Shelly Volsche, Alexandra Horowitz, Anna Korzeniowska, and Holly Root-Gutteridge

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Shelly Volsche, Alexandra Horowitz, Anna Korzeniowska, and Holly Root-Gutteridge are all researchers who received a grant for “Recognizing and Honoring Individuals in Animal Research.” They aim to create a symposium and publish an open access journal article contextualizing past research and proposing citation methods that honor the animals who were sacrificed in order to advance human knowledge. They write:

Our mission is to shed light on these past details such that future scholars understand the research upon which they build. From there, our goal is to change the norms of practice around citing this early work so that we do not lose appreciation and empathy for the animals in future projects. By extension, we expect this project to reframe the role of animals in research as participants with agency rather than the tools of the past. Now is the time to challenge existing norms and insist upon the acknowledgment of animals as participants, not tools, in the research endeavor.