Ndlelende Ncube


Ndlelende Ncube is an animal advocate in Zimbabwe who received a grant on behalf of Forum Theater, which seeks to bring together rural communities living in and around Hwange National Park, the largest park in Zimbabwe, to take an active part in anti-poaching and reduce human wildlife conflicts. The grant will be used for Conservation through Forum Theater and develop theater performances for five rural communities living in and around the Park, especially young adult men. He writes:

Poaching and human wildlife conflicts have been a course of concern in Zimbabwe. The rampant illegal killing of big game is threatening the survival of several species; and wildlife crime is on the rise due to an increased demand for illegally acquired ivory. Forum Theater will identify problems and solutions for communities sharing borders with wildlife.

2020 Updates:
Forum Theatre has been able to use the grant to educate and ignite conversation around the villages on ways to stop poaching. There have been a variety of opportunities they have received as a result of their work, including now working with other organizations in their district to create performances about Wildlife protection and educating the community. They have also seen a shift in the conversations regarding wildlife. They are now working on digitizing their work in order to expand their audience, and continue to be dedicated to educating their community, and promoting a vegan lifestyle.