Nathan Grande

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Nathan Grande, an independent scholar of Human–Animal and Critical Animal Studies, with an MFA from the University of Texas at Dallas, received a grant for “For Other Animals,” an interactive webpage that will host a layout of 250 digital tiles. Each tile contains a picture of one nonhuman animal, one human caretaker, and a brief written account describing that caretaker’s interaction with the depicted nonhuman animal. Nathan writes:

Randy Malamud writes that “cultural creators” tend to represent animals as things that are not to be taken seriously. Animals are often represented in memes, films, and silly videos that strip the animal of integrity and respect: These representations proliferate throughout digital culture, or social media platforms. Further, Steve Baker argues that animal representations (particularly as they are represented in stories or narratives) have come to indicate more about human identities and situations, and less, or nothing, about animals themselves. Through these insights of Malamud and Baker, and through my own observations, I have come to believe that there is a need to represent animals (more often) with integrity and respect, and to represent them as individuals of their own experience. Thus, I intend for “For Other Animals” to address these cultural shortcomings by presenting animals in a thoughtful way and by presenting brief written accounts that speak to the particular identity or behavior of an animal-individual. To curate photographs and 250 written accounts, I personally will correspond (through email, video presentations, and telephone) with animal sanctuary workers in the following broad areas: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and The Americas. Once the project website is complete, I will encourage these 250 participants to introduce the online artwork in their respective communities and through their social media accounts. Meanwhile, I will work to present the project to the general public, initially in the Dallas, Texas area, and on digital publishing platform.