Michał Matuszewski

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Michał Matuszewski is a film curator, researcher, author, and an exhibitor based in Warsaw, Poland. He received a grant for a video essay called “Animal gaze” It is a research-led, found footage film project in which visual tools are used to tell the history of cinema from a non-human perspective. Using archived footage—from the beginning of cinema to contemporary avant-garde and blockbusters—he will analyze animal representation in film history and look for hidden moments in which the animal gazes. He writes:

My project will be one of the firsts found footage video essay on animal representation, and one of the few existing experimental documentaries exploring non-anthropocentric film language. It will fill the gap between academic discourse and film in the field of animal studies. It could change the way how people look at animals in film and visual culture. As visual culture shapes out relations to Nature, it has potential to change how human and non-human relationships look like.

2021 Updates:
Given the COVID-19 pandemic and surviving COVID-19 himself, Michał adapted to the online world and decided to produce a series of mini visual essays while he gears up for the publishing of “Animal Gaze.” These mini visuals serve as trailers for “Animal Gaze,” the first of which focuses on the absence of humans in animal gazing with educational footage from the 1940s. Each trailer focuses on different aspects of animal representation with hopes of gaining a wider audience once “Animal Gaze” is published in 2021. You can view the official trailer for “Animal Gaze” and the visual essay “Up to Something” here.