Lucía Arana Igarza

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Lucía Arana Igarza is a writer and podcaster based in Spain. She received a grant for “Derecho y Animales, el Podcast de INTERcids,” the first podcast in Spain, and in Spanish, on animal rights from the legal perspective. It is based on interviews with different legal experts (attorneys, judges, prosecutors, police, etc.). Each episode interviews a legal expert or animal advocate who will analyze a specific animal cruelty case. She writes:

There is a lack of knowledge in Spain regarding the progress and development of animal rights. People are very interested in animal protection, but they do not have the tools to defend animals effectively. Spain is one of the countries in Europe with more cases of animal cruelty and abandonment. For example, bullfighting is still legal and a protected tradition in this country. There is a lack of enforcement of the current legislation, which must also be updated to the level of the other European countries.

The mission of the podcast is to educate the target audience on animal rights through accessible and informative interviews with legal experts in the field. We seek, through pedagogy, to create a breeding ground for the improvement of animal-related legislation in Spain.