Lisa Hirmer

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Lisa Hirmer an interdisciplinary artist who received a grant for her project “Watching Moths,” which weaves connections between humans, light, moths, and photography and questions how harm can be slow and cumulative, how human sight shapes our relationships with other beings, and how we might expand ideas of care for animals. She writes:

“Watching Moths” will be a creative research project that looks at the following questions: How do we inadvertently and invisibly can cause harm to nonhuman beings? How does sight privilege certain relationships with animals over others? How can photograph and moth meet while respecting a moth’s way of being in the world?

2021 Update:

After finishing her CAF-supported project “Watching Moths,” Lisa worked to craft the Winter Sow Booklet— a documentation that encourages people to winter sow summer flowers in their gardens or balconies to nourish the much-underappreciated nocturnal pollinators. She is also working on a new project to build a night garden for moths and has received a grant from Pollination Guelph to start a small test version of the garden. Consider sowing seeds next winter season and visit the linked blog post.