Kathleen Gill

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Kathleen Gill is a painter and poet based in Ontario, Canada. She received a grant to create a series of paintings called “Reserved and Deserved” to reflect the complexities at work in the Canadian far north in isolated and First Nation regions, and to benefit a First-Nation adjacent animal welfare group. She writes:

I aim for the series to bring forward the on-going issues regarding feral and semi-feral dogs throughout northern communities, and the resources and education needed to further develop healthy and safe environments between humans and dogs. I would like my artwork to have a positive impact on viewers and create an emotional response through subdued color and atmospheric space.

2020 Updates:
For Katy’s CAF grant, she made some photo books to give as gifts for those who helped with the dog rescue. The book was so popular that she ended up extending the writing of it to share more information about her living experience in the First Nation community and rescuing the dogs, as well as included more photos. 

A great recent update from Katy is that she has been contacted by a couple that adopted one of the puppies she had rescued. Now four years old, the puppy is a beautiful adult dog and the couple is happy to be able to learn more about the experience and where their dog, Bella, came from! 

The book Katy has been working on will be completed in a month, and will be published by Eaglespeaker Publishing.