Just Wondering

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Just Wondering is a collective influenced by object oriented ontology, intersectional veganism and eco-feminism. They seek to pose questions more than answer them, and they do so from a standpoint critical of anthropocentrism and of the drive for perpetual economic growth. They rely on visual storytelling to bring forth ideas that are often left at the margins. They received a grant for “Can we make Climate Justice with Animals?” which is an animated video essay that raises and responds to some difficult questions about how other-than-human animals might become political actors with a voice in the current climate crisis. They write:

The purpose of this video essay is to bring to the forefront a critique of anthropocentrism in the impending climate crisis, as well as to ask creative questions regarding how we could govern ourselves together with other earthlings. To do so, we will engage in research with theories spanning from object oriented ontology to various forms of posthumanism, as well as criticisms of development from decolonial thinkers, and touching upon issues of speciesism and anthropocentrism in both western and indigenous writings. Visually, our research will be informed by art that is participatory and multispecies.