Joshua Russell

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Joshua Russell is assistant professor of animal behavior, ecoloft, and conservation, and anthrozoology at Canisius College. He writes:

I received a grant that allowed me to continue my research on children and adolescents’ experiences of hunting and fishing. The bulk of the grant was used to travel to the 2016 Southern Tier Outdoor Expo to conduct ethnographic research as well as to recruit participants for interviews. Thus far, I have conducted 15 qualitative interviews with children and youth who hunt and fish. The interviews are ongoing, and I hope to recruit about 15 more participants over the next several months. This year [2017] I have utilized some of the preliminary research to write and submit a book chapter for publication on the topic of hunting narratives. That publication was accepted and will be included in an upcoming edited collection. Analysis of interviews and hunter education manuals is ongoing and involves a team of six undergraduate research assistants from Canisius College. I hope to complete data analysis and submit an article on this research for peer review later in the summer or in early September 2017. My research team currently has a blog up that periodically posts updates as well as provides an overview of my research, coursework, research assistants, publications, and other projects that are underway.

2020 Updates:
Since 2016, Joshua has published two new articles: “Telling better stories: Toward critical, place-based, and multispecies narrative pedagogies in hunting and fishing cultures.” in The Journal of Environmental Education and “On Child/Animal Vulnerability and an Embodied Pedagogy of Conviviality.” in the International Research Handbook on Childhood Nature.