Donald Vincent

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Los Angeles-based spoken-word artist Donald Vincent, who performed at the Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Festival in October 2017, received a grant to produce “Vegan Paradise,” a recorded album of cruelty-free poetry verse and lyrics inspired by popular and influential hip-hop. He writes:

The project intends to meet the need of changing the conversation of what veganism is and stands for. Through poetry, a reader is able to follow the journey of veganism and a cruelty-free lifestyle that is not heavy handed. Through the recorded audio of these poems, the listener is able to understand what it truly means to live a vegan lifestyle.

2020 Updates:
Donald is currently working with Compassion Arts to recreate their festival efforts as an interactive online platform. One recent collaboration includes two cooking episodes about the plant-based versions of comedians’ favorite childhood meals (you can watch his previous episodes here). He also has a new book of poems Convenient Amnesia available for preorder. At the forefront of Donald’s work is the idea of Blackness, and redefining the concept of Blackness. For him, if he can reach someone, change a mind or a behavior, that possibility is what excites him most. 

He is now working on his next book, a collection of critical essays about African-American culture, food, and the environment. He hopes to highlight the complicated relationship with Soul Food and its effects today. It will also explore the consequences of highly polluted areas within dense, low-income communities.

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