Carrie Packwood Freeman

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Carrie Packwood Freeman is currently associate professor in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University. A multi-year grantee, she writes:

Through Culture & Animals Foundation, I was able to turn my dissertation research into a vegan advocacy book in 2014: Framing Farming: Communication Strategies for Animal Rights. Framing Farming was a 2016 awards finalist in the Social & Political Change category of the National Indie Excellence book award competition. I promote the strategic communication ideas from this book at activist conferences, in the media, and through my website In 2016, Culture & Animals Foundation also supported my second book project currently in the works: The Human Animal Earthling Identity: Common Values Unifying Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environmentalism. I will create a website for this book, present findings at the Minding Animals conference in Mexico City in 2018, and seek an audience of animal activists, social justice activists, and environmental activists with which to share my strategic communication findings to join forces to protect living beings from exploitation.

2020 Updates:
Carrie is finishing up the index and final page proofs for
The Human Animal Earthling Identity: Shared Values Unifying Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environmental Movements, the book that CAF helped fund. It will be out this fall with UGA Press, and more information can be found here

She coauthors the site with Dr. Debra Merskin, where they promote animal-friendly guidelines for media makers, and post examples weekly on their facebook page.

Carrie also has been hosting an eco and animal friendly radio show In Tune to Nature. She has been producing two shows a month for about a decade, but has recently started creating podcasts for the latest shows, which can be found here.