Amy Jones and Paul Healey

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Amy Jones, who formerly worked in digital production for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Paul Healey, who worked as a Corporate Projects Coordinator for PETA, received a multi-year joint grant to curate digital free-to-use images of animals with the aim of raising awareness about their plight. Their project is called Moving Animals and has an accompanying website and Instagram. They currently have photos from Sri Lanka and India and they continue to travel across various countries. They write:

Sourcing free-to-use material can often be difficult and we would like to help remove this obstacle by providing further resources for activists and NGOs alike. Knowing how integral footage is to broadening the global exposure of animal suffering, we aim to travel whilst documenting and archiving as many instances of animal interactions as we can. Inspired by the ideals of the Save Movement, we want to both witness and use these instances to draw some sort of meaning from them, so that the cruelty and the pain does not go undocumented.