2017 CAF Grantee Gal Nissim Presents the Third Part of the Synanthrope Preserve Series

2017 CAF grantee Gal Nissim invites people to participate in an immersive audio piece in New York City called “The First to Cross.” This 35-minute interactive experience takes participants on a winding tour through Tompkins Square Park and the East Village at night to reveal the intertwined story of humans and rats.

This is the third part of “The Synanthrope Preserve,” which is a series of immersive audio experiences that take place throughout New York City. Each piece focuses on a different synanthropic animal living and thriving alongside us in NYC – Pigeons in Washington Square Park, Raccoons in Central Park, and Rats in Tompkins Square Park.

This installment will premiere on Thursday and Saturday, September 12 and 14, 8:30 pm. Both events are free, but space is limited so RSVP here.