Call for Participants to Share Climate Catastrophe Stories

2020 CAF grantee Hayley Singer is looking for participants to contribute to her project.

Animals in Emergency is a creative nonfiction podcast dedicated to the forgotten or ignored stories of multispecies communities impacted by eco catastrophe and environmental crime.

It brings a literary, multispecies perspective to oral history and audio documentary. This project is about stories, language and narrative justice for animals.

Participates are invited to several digital studio sessions to contribute stories to this project, which seeks to document what it is like to care for multi-species communities at a time of intensifying climate catastrophe.

What experiences have you witnessed / lived through / survived in relation to climate change and other ecologically-related catastrophes?

Sessions will be run in October, November & December.

To get in contact and set up a time to tell your story email Hayley Singer,

IMAGE: Sheep graze on scorched land in the Buchan area. Australia, 2020. Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals