Art Installation From 2020 Grantee Colleen Plumb

2020 CAF grantee Colleen Plumb has an installation called Invisible Visible up at the Riverside Art Center in Riverside, IL now until February 22nd. The installation can be viewed from the street with videos projected from 4:30-11pm.

Invisible Visible formed through conversation between Colleen Plumb, an artist, and Katherine Kassouf Cummings, a writer; between images and words; between the individual and society. Expressed through photography, sculpture, video, and writing, this collaboration invites an examination of our relationship with the invisible that exists all around us.

The installation: sweeping along the back walls, a black and white video projection shows the gentle handling of wing sculptures, wing after wing being passed in endless succession. At front, another projected image slowly breathes, appearing and disappearing: color photographs of raw wing bones from a bird, a chicken. The red, raw bones “breathe” on row after row of plaster-cast sculptures of a chicken wing. The projected image moves our eyes beneath the surface of the wings, into the interior. Flanking the wings are an assembly of chalk white bones cast from a wing bone. This delicate line of bones mirrors the physical experience of workers in a slaughterhouse, standing in compact rows.

You can learn more here.