In the course of its three-decades-long history, CAF has given grants and invited to speak at ICLF some of the leading lights in animal advocacy and scholarship. From artists/photographers such as Sue Coe and Jamie Wyeth to educators/campaigners like Rod Coronado, Sara Amundson, lauren Ornelas, Heidi Prescott, Paul Watson, and Patrick Kwan; from environmentalists like Jim Motavalli and Ellen LaConte to feminist scholars such as Carol Adams, Marti Kheel, and Diane Beers; from filmmakers such as Jennifer Abbott and James LaVeck and Jenny Stein to historians such as Harriet Ritvo, Bernard Unti, and Roberta Kalechofsky; from legal scholars such as David Wolfson and Steven Wise to musicians such as Ellie Sarty, Jim Harris, and Country Joe McDonald; from novelists such as J.M. Coetzee and Amy Hempel to vegan educators such as John Robbins and Joanne Stepaniak; from theologians Gary Kowalski and Jay McDaniel to social scientists such as James Jasper and Jeffrey Masson—and many, many others—CAF has been the focal point for scholars and activists seeking to expand and deepen their work.

Since 2008, CAF has been giving grants to support others. You can read about grantees and their work here. Today, the foundation continues with annual grants in three categories: