Mia MacDonald

Mia is the executive director and founder of Brighter Green. She is a New York–based public policy analyst and writer, who has worked for a number of international non-governmental organizations and has published articles, policy papers, and reports on environment, sustainable development, women’s rights, and gender equality. She has taught at Columbia and New York universities. She is currently on the board of directors of the Green Belt Movement North America and has been a board member of Farm Sanctuary and the Food Empowerment Project. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Martin Rowe

Martin is the co-founder of and editor-in-chief at Lantern Books, as well as the author of several books, including The Polar Bear in the Zoo: A Reflection and The Elephants in the Room: An Excavation. He was the co-founder of Satya magazine and is currently engaged in the Vegan America Project for Brighter Green. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. His website is martin-rowe.com.

Gary L. Comstock

Gary is professor of philosophy at North Carolina State University, where he conducts research on ethical questions in the biological sciences. His most recent book is Research Ethics: A Philosophical Guide to the Responsible Conduct of Research (Cambridge, 2013). He is the co-editor with Mylan Engel of The Moral Rights of Animals (Lexington, 2016). He lives in Cary, North Carolina.

Nancy Regan

After graduating from Thiel College with a major in English, Nancy soon developed an interest in early childhood education. She gained certification in teaching children with special needs from the University of Pittsburgh. When she and Tom moved to Raleigh she sat on the board of Raleigh Preschool and was a supervising teacher in special needs education. Later in her career she pursued cultural resource management and was active in Raleigh arts organizations, including the NC Museum of Art. Her focus through the years has been cultural understanding—from children with special needs to animals without a voice. In 1985 she was inspired by Rachel Rosenthal’s groundbreaking piece, “The Others.” Her vision, complemented by Tom’s academic leadership as a philosopher, helped the Culture & Animals Foundation take shape. Whether through “Animal Awareness Week” or the “International Compassionate Living Festival,” Nancy has created venues for people to gather, discuss, and share, with the hope of raising awareness of animal rights. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Marion C. Bolz

Marion is a graduate of Millsaps College in Sociology and Anthropology. Passionate about growing organic food, she spearheaded Mississippi’s first whole foods co-op. After obtaining a masters’ degree in marketing and finance from the University of Memphis, she worked as a marketing director in various industries. Marion moved to Raleigh in 1992 to open a marketing consultancy. She met her neighbors, Nancy and Tom Regan, and joined the board of CAF in 1995. Since 2013 she has been co-director of Wholistic Health Studio in Durham, NC, a center offering wellness classes, fitness classes, and seminars to help people reach their wellness goals and to live healthier lifestyles. Marion lives in Durham, North Carolina.

Mylan Engel, Jr.

Mylan teaches in the department of philosophy at Northern Illinois University. He is the co-author with Kathie Jenni of The Philosophy of Animal Rights: A Brief Introduction for Students and Teachers (Lantern, 2010) and has contributed numerous articles to journals and chapters to books, including “The Commonsense Case against Animal Experimentation,” in The Ethics of Animal Research: Exploring the Controversy edited by Jeremy Garrett (MIT, 2012). He is the co-editor with Gary Comstock of The Moral Rights of Animals (Lexington, 2016). He lives in DeKalb, Illinois.

Jo-Anne McArthur

Jo-Anne is an award-winning photojournalist, educator, and founder of We Animals, a project that documents through photography animals in the human environment. She is the author of Captive (Lantern, 2017) and We Animals (Lantern, 2013), and the subject of the Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall’s acclaimed documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine. Her work has been featured in many international books and publications, such as National Geographic, Elle Canada, Canadian Geographic, and Earth Island Journal, and has won many awards, including HuffPost WOMEN’s “Top 10 Women trying to change the world.” She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Kim Stallwood

Kim is an author and independent scholar, who has worked in animal advocacy for more than forty years. He is currently a consultant to Compassion in World Farming and Alley Cat Allies and the executive director of Minding Animals International. He was the co-founder of the Animals & Society Institute, helped co-ordinate CAF’s International Compassionate Living Festival, and edited The Animals’ Agenda magazine. He is the author of Growl: Life Lessons, Hard Truths, and Bold Strategies from an Animal Advocate (Lantern, 2014). Kim currently divides his time between Hastings in the United Kingdom and Bethesda, Maryland.