Nick Cooney

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Nick Cooney writes:

I received a grant in 2010 to give talks on my book Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us about Spreading Social Change. These talks helped spread more effective activism across the animal protection movement in Europe and North America. From Luxembourg to San Francisco, I presented on methods animal advocates could use to make a larger impact and save more animals. After the tour of talks I published two new books: Veganomics: The Surprising Science on Vegetarians, from the Breakfast Table to the Bedroom  and How To Be Great At Doing Good: Why Results Are What Count and How Smart Charity Can Change the World. Since that time I have joined Mercy For Animals, a top-ranked charity and the world’s largest international farmed animal protection organization. I started at Mercy For Animals as the Director of Education and now help lead the organization as Executive Vice-President. I also co-founded The Good Food Institute, a charity that harnesses new technologies to disrupt the animal agriculture industry with plant-based and “clean” (lab-grown) meat, egg, and dairy products. Through GFI we’re helping to create a future without slaughterhouses, a future where people will have steak without cows and eggs without chickens. In my latest book, How To Be Great At Doing Good, I argue for the importance of creating charitable impact efficiently. I regularly work one-on-one with new philanthropists looking to maximize their impact to help as many animals as possible.