Michael Harren

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Michael Harren is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He writes:

I received a grant that allowed me to spend a year as artist in residence at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary from September 2015 to August 2016. During this time, I made monthly visits to the farm to work with the animals and write about the experience. The resulting piece, “The Animal Show,” was a multi-media performance piece that featured electro-acoustic music, spoken word, poetry, and songs about my experience at the sanctuary along with stories about the non-human animal relationships that shaped me throughout my life. During its three-night run at Dixon Place in New York City, approximately 250 people saw the show, and it got quite a bit of press, including Huffington Post and Sandra Bernhard’s Sirius XM radio show, Sandyland. I documented the residency on my blog and YouTube channel. The show begin a West Coast Tour in the summer of 2017, during which I will be also presenting a talk on arts and activism in a number of cities. This project has propelled me forward as both an artist and an advocate for the animals in ways I did not expect.

Michael’s show is featured in the October 2017 CAF Festival in New York City.